Cornpetitive Advantage

A little background on how we got here.


This blog’s been on my mind for a little bit now. Mostly because I feel like I haven’t been writing enough, but also that I’ve had a hot-cold relationship with social media for the last five or six years. Most of that is their consolodation of the web into digital shopping malls and their rent-seeking on mindshare.

Some other part of it’s the way they use the data I willingly provide them. Not that I’m particularly paranoid; despite my inflated impression of myself and the guvmint’s well-documented history of fucking with people, I’ve got just enough self-awareness to recognize that I’m probably not on any LEO/deep state radar. That sort of paranoia is mostly the domain of the militia movement.

I figure a blog kills two birds with one stone–I can self-publish all the content that was (in its own small way) making folks like Zuckerberg more rich and powerful than they already are. Plus my folks will probably appreciate my radical views being confined to the writing you’ll find here.

What is Cornpetitive Advantage?

If you take a look at my bio, what probably stands out (now anyways, at the tail end of 2018) is exactly none of it. Hell, this whole site probably comes across as aggressively mediocre. I haven’t worked anywhere sexy, written any viral blog posts, contributed as a core member on any big-name open source projects. I don’t even hold a bachelor’s degree. My music exists on the internet to little acclaim. I’m a pretty shitty athlete too. I don’t really know any famous folks either so I can’t even starfuck my way to relevance.

Despite that, I’ve happened to carve out a niche for myself in my early adulthood. I’d like to think it’s because I lucked/privileged my way into a competitive advantage relative to other folks like me. This blog will work to cronicle in a loose way how I’ve cultivated that competitive advantage.

This site will present as multidimensional view of me and what makes me tick as possible. Any digital marketers that come across this’ll probably cringe, but I’m not really trying to build a brand here. More just trying to document my thoughts and experiences a little bit more than I have in the past.


So far there’s only one, I’ll add more as necessary:

  1. This site is not sanitized.
    It includes a lot of writing on a lot of different topics. You may get here because I’ve written about a bit of tech, or you may get here because I’ve written a bit about Denver sports, or about politics (they’re radical leftist, sorrynotsorry). A lot of it may offend you, and I’m okay with that. There are two reasons I’d like to hear from you if that’s the case:
  • If you like only certain things I write about, let me know. It won’t change the content of this site, but I’ve got some irons in the fire for collaborative writing endeavors and that feedback will influence which of those I focus on the most.

  • If I write about something and it offends you, and you think I need to take another look at my line of thinking, let me know. No guarantees that I’ll change my mind, but I love reasons to reevaluate my worldview.